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PCA Skin BPO 5% Cleanser eliminates acne-causing bacteria without the use of irritating surfactants that can damage and aggravate the skin. Its clarifying formula features a 5% concentration benzoyl peroxide to heal and prevent breakouts. Aloe, cucumber, nettle and chamomile extracts comfort and calm inflammation to leave the complexion looking clear, even and refreshed.


Treatments and Serums: Acne Treatment
Cleansers and Exfoliators: Face Wash
Ideal for these Concerns: Free Radical Damage, Oiliness, Acne, Whiteheads, Blackheads
Ideal for these Skin Types: Combination Skin, Oily Skin, Acne-Prone Skin
Preferences: Clean, Dermatologist Approved, Paraben-Free, Fragrance-Free
Key Ingredient(s): Antioxidants, Aloe Vera, Algae Extract, Panthenol, Jojoba, Vitamin E, Benzoyl Peroxide
Application Area: Face

PCA SKIN BPO 5% Cleanser

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